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With our free COKO app you create more transparency, strengthen your brand with more satisfied customers and make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.


Automated, individual calculation along the supply chain. For full transparency of the CO2 footprint of your products.


With your climate-friendly shopping experience you stand out from the competition, increase your customer satisfaction and ensure fewer shopping cart abandonments.


You support our sustainable environmental protection projects which help to reduce CO2, use resources more responsibly and raise awareness.


Our customers

In diesen Shops sind wir bereits vertreten:

Our Solution

You want to actively counteract climate change and
offer your customers transparency?

CO2 calculation

Auf dein Unternehmen und deine Artikel angepasst. Dank unserer App wird der Wert direkt an deinem Produkt angezeigt.

Transparent labeling

Dank unserem Siegel kannst du deinen CO2 Wert Transparent darstellen und so bewusste Kaufentscheidungen fördern.

Voluntary environmental contribution

Die Opt-in Auswahlmöglichkeit erlaubt es deinen Kund:innen selbst zu entscheiden, ob sie ihren Beitrag zur Umwelt leisten möchten.

How does it work?

In 3 easy steps to more sustainability and transparency:


We are happy to support you with any questions and help you through the on-boarding process. Feel free to write us for an individual demo.


Let COKO analyze your fashion items and see the CO2 footprint on the product and in the shopping cart.


You reduce emissions together with your customers. You will receive an overview of the voluntary environmental contributions.
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We are proud of our partners with whom we can take 
a step towards a greener future together
  • Annett Borg

    Wir haben unseren Kleiderschrank selbst in der Hand und können Entscheidungen treffen fĂŒr ein nachhaltiges Morgen.

    Moritz Gropp

    Das Coole an der Zusammenarbeit mit COKO ist, dass wir im engen Austausch stehen. Sie konnten uns aufgrund ihrer krassen Knowledge in dem Bereich Nachhaltigkeit echt was beibringen und wir können ihnen als frĂŒher Kunde auf dem weiteren Weg helfen.

    Catrin Gockel

    Jeder von uns kann einen positiven Beitrag zum Klimaschutz leisten. Ich bin echt beeindruckt gewesen, wie viele meiner Kunden:innen den COKO Beitrag geleistet haben!

  • Ole Markscheffel

    Wir sind wirklich glĂŒcklich mit COKO! Die Integration von COKO in unseren Shop ist eine unserer Initiativen um zu zeigen, dass wir Dinge anders machen. Und das Gute ist: Wir sind nicht allein sondern gehen diesen Schritt gemeinsam mit unseren Konsument:innen!

    Nathalie Schaller
    Eyd Clothing

    Mit COKO haben wir erstmalig unser Unternehmen samt unserer Lieferkette auf CO2-Emissionen untersucht. Das gibt uns die Möglichkeit uns weiter zu optimieren. Da fĂŒr uns Fairness zu Mensch und Umwelt Hand in Hand gehen, war das fĂŒr uns ein super wichtiger Schritt, ĂŒber den wir uns mega freuen!

Our projects

By using the COKO app you support national and international projects that help reduce emissions.

Achieve an effective environmental impact

Unsere Umweltschutzprojekte helfen, 
- CO2 zu reduzieren, 
- mit Ressourcen verantwortungsvoller umzugehen und 
- AufklÀrung zu betreiben.

Wir haben das große Ziel einen lebenswerten Planeten zu erhalten.

Wir bei COKO legen grossen Wert auf ein kollektives Miteinander. Mit jeder COKO-Bestellung unterstĂŒtzt du umweltschonende und sozial wertvolle Projekte.
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Frequently asked questions

What does COKO mean?

COKO stands for CO2 and for consumer decision ("Konsumentscheidung"). The bold < stands for reduce.
At COKO we calculate CO2 emissions in the value chain of fashion products. The COKO app enables customers to do their part for environmental projtection with just one click. We transparently show what happens with the voluntarily made environmental contribution and inform you through our channels how you consume more consciously and which sustainability strategies you can use when shopping.

The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions in fashion e-commerce and to create a society that consumes more consciously, fairly and sustainably, relying on education, transparency and simplicity.

Which online shops can integrate COKO?

Our digital solution is currently only available for Shopify shop systems. Do you have a different shop system and would like to try our app? Then feel free to cantact us. Our team is already working on a solution for your shop system so that you can present our solutions to your customers in the near future.

Who will benefit from COKO?

We create added value for the online shop, for online shoppers and for the environment.
1. The online shop receives an overview of the CO2 emissions of its articles. Based on the information, measures can be taken to adapt the value chain and thus reduce emissions.
2. The shoppers receive transparency and access to information that they may not have been aware of before.
3. The environment benefits thanks to a wide variety of sustainable environmental protection projects, as shoppers have the opportunity to donate a voluntary environmental contribution, which is used to support the projects.

How do you decide which projects COKO supports?

Choosing the right projects is a matter close to our hearts. We try to find different types of projects in order to be able to offer our customers the broadest and most diverse project portfolio possible. We attach great importance to personal communication and long-term partnerships. A certification of the environmental protection project only makes sense to a limited extend (e.g. in the case of pure CO2 compensation projects) and is not largely responisble for the partner we work with. In contrast, it is particularly important that the environmental protection projects share the same goals and ambitions and protect our planet, with all its diversity and beauty in the long term.

How does COKO differ from similar providers?

We are happy that there is now a good selection of providers who are following a similar model to ours. Only together can we preserve and protect our planet and the more we help, the better it is for all of us. However, what distinguishes us is:
1. The focus on the textile industry. In our opinion, this industry is a major contributor to climate change.
2. Our incentive to create real transparency about the environmental impact for this industry. Only with this focus can we collect valid information about the sometimes very branched delivery routes and present these to consumers and dealers.
3. We offer our customers a very diverse project portfolio, so that everyone can find a suitable environmental protection project that is worth supporting. The environmental contribution is also assessed at a higher CO2 price than other providers - have a look at the next question.

With these three points we make the difference to similar providers and thus COKO the best partner for your fashion store.

What's the compensation price per ton CO2 & how does COKO earn money?

We answer this question with a counter-question: What is it worth to you to protect our planet and to fight climate change successfully? Is that 10 euros / 25 euros or even more euros for a ton of CO2? You can philosophize for hours about this question, which we did. We are of the opinion that the CO2 prices that are currently being paid on the private and public market are set far too low.
At COKO, we are guided by the “true environmental costs”, which have been scientifically elaborated by the Federal Environment Agency in their study “Methodological Convention 3.1 for Determining Environmental Costs Cost Rates: Status 12/2020”. For the year 2021 that is 197 euros per ton of CO2. Global warming is happening now. The longer we wait or the slower we fight them, the greater the negative effects this will have on our and every subsequent life.

In order to be able to cover the costs of our mission, we take an additional 15% commission on the Environmental contribution. Then the statutory value added tax is added to the voluntary environmental protection contribution.

We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our main focus is on the following goals: 

Our partners

We want to have a positive influence on consumer decisions in order to jointly secure the long-term preservation of a livable planet.

We're supported by:
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